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Talkback: Parsnips

I had parsnip yesterday so Im not sure how you work out that it arrived at just after half past three.


  • I love parsnips too James, shame mine are frozen solid in the ground at this moment in time with not much hope of being able to dig any up before Christmas :-(

    I do still have my sprouts to pick, very noble indeed ;-)

    Happy Christmas to you too and best wishes to all.
  • (it won't let me put the... why won't it let me put the?)

    I am most impressed by your freshly-harvested parsnips: infinitely straighter than mine which are generally broad of shoulder and multiple of roots.

    The only thing I don't like about parsnips is that they have such big cores: I've taken to harvesting them while still relatively small and storing them so they don't develop the big woody tough middles.

    Parsnip flowers are very very beautiful and the seeds extremely easy to save: it's also worth saying that to get parsnip seed to germinate well, sow fresh every year as they don't stay viable for long.

    Parsnipa are also great for entering into rude vegetable competitions. And do try salsify, scorzonera and skirret - similar plants with smaller, more wizened roots, but perennial therefore less effort, and very very tasty.
  • Are there any sites which have plants singing like the Youtube pets?
  • need help from someone - purchased a super Plant Spiral (in a flat box) @ Gardeners World show last year - need more but cannot find the name of the company - any help appreciated. Thanks and Merry Xmas to all.
  • I have parsnips in large potato bags in the garden. I haven't been able to harvest any because of the heavy snow, will they be ok to harvest and eat when the thaw comes? Any help welcome.
  • I find that if they are in the ground over winter the skins get cankery but the inside is still good. I am glad I stored mine out of the ground, as it would be rather hopeless to get at them with the ground solid as it has been.
  • Good idea Lainey
  • I grew parsnips for Christmas dinner in a plastic flexi tub, and even tho we had snow and freezing temps from 27 November, I was able to drag the tub into the house a couple of days before, and defrost enough to harvest them for Christmas dinner. Absolutely amazing flavour!!
  • I have been growing Parsnips for 15 years but this year have had a poor show. I have heavy soil in the south east and they turned out very woody. The variety was Avonresistor ( which i have grown before with success), Did anyone else have problems growing Parsnips this year?

  • My parsnips and swedes were both poor this year have a light (sandy soil) so will look to improve this in 2012 any advice would be wecome .

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