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i grew a crinium powelli for a few years in a large container successfully then transplanted them to the garden,where leaves have grown for two years but no flowers--any ideas?


  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Are they in a hot sunny sheltered spot Iain? That what they like.

  • I don't think they enjoy being moved - in my RHS book it says pot on only if absolutely necessary!

    I have one planted in my garden (they like a warm and sheltered site) that I was given. It took 3 years before it flowered and then it only had 1 flower stem. This year it had 3 but  it has taken its time!

    I gave a piece to a friend (as my clump is quite big) and  2 years later  hers hasn't flowered yet but luckily mine has kept flowering.

  • i suppose they overshadowed by taller plants ,dahlias and globe thistle,was just thinking of moving them but maybe give them another year--thanks for info

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