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Lawn turf or beds

Hi I am newish to gardening and have a blank canvas to work with. I need to know before I start do I lay turf then dig in beds or vice versa? Thanks in advance, have a feeling I'm going to be on here for advice daily!!


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Your turf is going to take many months to settle in and knit together so lay out your garden with a paper plan and decide where the grass is going to go first. Then go outside and prepare the soil all over the garden. Make it as flat as you can and as finely dug over as you can. then mark out the lines of the turf area with some lime powder to draw with (0r anything you have to hand that will leave a mark.) Then lay the turf down so that it overlaps the line. This will let it grow a little too large and you can trim  it once it is established.

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,198

    Hi Jacqui. If you can put a pic or two on here of the way your garden looks just now it will help with suggestions. Also what aspect (direction it faces) soil type and if you have any particular requirements. What sort of style do you prefer? Formal/cottagey etc. Sorry if it sounds like a lot of questions but it helps us determine your needs! The aspect is necessary as there's no point growing sun lovers if the garden is shady for instance. Grass always does better if it gets plenty of light too. image


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  • Thank you, it's south a south facing garden and gets plenty of sun.,I will take pictures tomorrow and try and upload them. The soil is fantastic (coming from a solid clay) half the garden was used as veg plot and the rest left to lawn so we are starting fresh by rotavating and levelling and starting from there.

  • Thanks Verdun, a good option, we tried this in our last house and it was a total disaster, sayings that everything I planted was a disaster in that garden - I hate clay and obviously didn't prepare as I should have but the soil is really good here so will try and convince "the old man" to give it a go, will save a small fortune and have a much better lawn. Many thanks

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