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 I've had a lot of success with the Miracle-Gro wildflower mix, but there's a distinct lack of information regarding what seeds are actually in it. I have this large daisy-like plant which I cannot seem to find on google images. It's about 3 ft tall, multiple flower heads and 'feathery' foliage. I have a white version that's about half the size as well as a dark pink version (again, much smaller). Any help in identifying this plant would be gratefully received.


  • 2 Wheel Gardener - wow! Thank you so much (very swift reply!)

    Much appreciated image

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    Cosmos Bippinatus

    A very popular garden plant that flowers right up until the first frosts!


    Here is one of mine that was grown from seed



  • Mattbeer87, another lovely photo. I also have white ones (and dark pink). I just wish Miracle-Gro would list ALL the 29 possible plant species instead of just a dozen!

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    Yea, It would be quite helpful to know whats in your garden :P

    Thats where we come in though. If they told you what was in there you wouldnt have to ask us! image

  • Lol image

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