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Monty Don

I'm interested in how this will affect the style and flow of the show. I'm really not one for veg, nor for Monty's style of gardening (sorry - too "hippy" oriented for my taste) - though I do respect and like the man. Toby was engaging and I learned a lot from his way of presenting things, but I never warmed to him or Alys (whom I felt to be passive aggressive to the extreme - she and Toby did not get on well together, at least on the screen). I really wonder why Carol hasn't been offered the job - I'd love to see her do the show - her enthusiasm and knowledge are astounding.

Has a woman ever held the position of Lead Presenter?

As far as using a set garden or a presenters own garden, I have to say I like seeing virgin ground turned into something lovely. While visiting the gardens of people like Carol is really special and neat, those gardens are established - most of us do not have established gardens, so it is sort of a case of apples and oranges, IMO.

Guess we will have to see how it all falls out...


  • Welcome back Monty. I lost count of how many Toby presented GWs I fell asleep through, literally! Loved Carol's one dedicated to the science of gardening. Joe Swift is more of a design gardener, not to my liking. I loved Alys and her series from her own garden was lovely. I would like to see more like that. I agree that one half hour gardening programme is not enough and tries to cover too much ground. I definitely feel that GW will be so much better for having Monty back. His self taught methods feel more real and less like they came out of a textbook. I didn't dislike Toby, just found him a bit one-dimensional and I could never get interested in anything he had to say. The visits to large gardens didn't do anything for me, too many wide shots and not enough emphasis on individual plants.
    Also, I think they should have given Carol Klein a chance instead of Toby. I also like Chris Beardshaw.
  • This tastes of sugar coating. Whether you like her or not losing Alys is incredibly short-sighted. She is young, intelligent and epitomizes all the modern ideas of where gardening is headed. I can understand trying to placate the core audience by going back to the older style of GW but you have to look towards your future audience as well. I can only hope that a new series is in the works so that I too will have something to watch that speaks to my tastes and generation.
  • This decision caters to a noisy minority. Monty doesn't have the gardening knowledge to cover the ground that Toby did nor does he have the will. He made it clear in interviews afterwards that he has no interest in what he calls 'conventional gardening.' Where then is the progamme for people who do?
  • I am so upset Toby has been sacked from Gardens World. I havent watched since Geoff Hamilton and our family have so enjoyed Tobys personlity and advise.Good Luck Toby we will miss you.
  • we all had the chance to speakour minds in the polls on over the agren fence.apparently this is what came out..although the last poll was on only a few days before monty was reinstated.
    monty to me doesn't strike as a very friendly person and was rude when a guest on saturday kitchen.

    i think carol might had been offered the job and declined it, it's a LOT to take on after a certain age ;-)

    Toby had the misfortune not to have a suitable garden of his own..i think it's a cliff, so they had to rent or buy's NOT his fault that there wasn't anyhting on this field so yeah they had to build a greenhouse and stuff, but Monty is being rude about that as well.

    i can't stand the thought of more propagating and i don't particularly like the colour palette monty prefers
    so if the next series only reflect his interests, well then i won't be interested.
    i too would prefer the "from the gorund up" approach and not let's bulk up this border by taking cuttings approach.
    Toby is blamed for buying some expensive plants as well, but you gotta start somewhere and he was propagating at one show had carol take cuttings, then Alys then Toby...30 mins gone..
    vegetables are fine but once you;ve done them the one year, next year is a repetition and only good for new viewers.
    that's the hardest thing for a gardening show coming up with new stuff.

    NEW and with new i don't mean dusting off old presenters .

    I think the BBC should hire a grown up garden and give Toby a proper chance..just Tony not 4 others as well.
    if my garden wasn't only 150m2 i would offer mine ;-)
  • VERY disappointed to read of Montys return, no offence to him ,But he is NOT a gardener of any depth, a wandering "minstral" dabbling in a bit of this and that, his bete noir was the world of gardens..not a very edifying performance we felt.
    The present team has been giving us a well balanced view of todays plant world,of the patio person, the allotment person,the lady who knows her plant families..THAT was an eyeopener for some of my friends, but a our recent local gardening club Xmas get together it was unanimous M D is a "NO GO",so sorry, so sad.
  • I don't think the principle of a purpose built viewer's garden was wrong at all, but the execution of the Greenacre project was abysmal. Way too much done way too quickly with way too much money - even supportive viewers like me lost track, got annoyed and lost any sense of emotional connection to it.

    Hopefully Monty has some areas he's prepared to level and treat as new ground. Most people don't have large borders planted 5 years ago that need lifting, dividing and replanting for better visual effect.

    I'm sure the GW team will have been following the feedback very carefully, especially with regard to younger gardeners and social networking. Alys really does inspire newbie young gardeners with a pocket handkerchief back yard, not a few acres.

    PS - hope Alys gets to keep the 5 variety apple tree she planted in her 'own' garden - it ought to be hers to keep if she wants it.
  • Sorry to see Toby leaving, and Alys too. A good format that really appealed to me; a young, inexperienced hobby gardener. I never missed an episode. Thanks
  • I am sure Toby B is excellent as a tutor in a classroom but this is where he belongs as he tended to talk patronisingly to the GW viewers as if we were all illiterates . GW is entertainment as well as instructive and I for one fast forwarded through his pieces whereas Monty Don is definite in his likes and dislikes and even though his CV in formal gardening education may not be as good as others as some of his critics and supporters of TB allege but in my opinion he more than makes up for it in sheer enthusiasm and is always watchable ( and readable , I have all his books ). Chris Beardshaw is also missed and I do wish Karol Klein stopped her infuriating smiling and someone should tell her it is OK to have a bad day as I feel there is steel there behind the smiling mask which always seems forced to me . Toby Buckland was a disaster from which GW has just in time taken action to save the programme as more and more viewers had switched off.
  • Can't believe people are having a go at Toby for buying plants from a garden centre. How can you propagate plants from a field of grass, besides it would have taken a long time to fill a plot that size with cuttings/seeds! Alot of people don't have established gardens with plants to propagate from and their first port of call for new plants is the garden centre. OK some of the purchases were excessive but planting a magnolia from a 1 litre pot and waiting for it to mature would have taken an age.
    I do hope Monty is prepared to level parts of his established garden, as many new generation gardeners starting from scratch don't have that luxury and are starting from a blank canvas.
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