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Silver birch groups

I recently moved to a new house and a garden with a lot of potential - at present it's a bit of a blank canvas, which is very exciting, but as I'm a complete noob at gardening can also feel a bit daunting. Anyway... I'm putting in some trees.

I'm going to plant a group of three silver birches but am just wondering what is a good distance to have between them?


  • Depends on what the look you are going for. if you want a cluster of white bark Birch then 1 metre apart and they will grow into each other. Otherwise I would say 3-4 meters apart.

  • Perfect! Thank you very much.

  • they need space ,big trees when they get going. I have a small one out the front to re-place the one that was there .the branches droop and they get in the way of power lines so where is inportant.

  • blairs is correct in his first sentence. Just look at the google images in and decide what effect you want. Planting close together, i.e. less than a metre, will give a multistemmed effect, quicker than buying that type of tree which can be very expensive. Close planting limits the growth of each tree unless you have very rich soil and moisture, and very good light, but if you want to walk between them then 1 metre is the minimum, and 2 is better. Note they are surface rooting and very little grows between them well.

  • wrighttwrightt Posts: 179

    I have 7 of them all growing about 2-3m apart and I have cyclamen and colchicum growing immediately around them  i.e within 12 " and then narcissus in the middle. about 2' away.

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