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I've had this plant growing on my desk for sometime, I presumed it to be a chilli or a pepper plant as that's what I have planted. However it appears to be something else. Its causing some discussion in the office as to what it could be. Can anyone help me out and identify the plant for me?














  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ..possibly Brugmansia suaveolens... or Hibiscus rosa-sinensis.. but I think Brugmansia...

    ..has it not flowered at all?

  • We had little tiny buds that attempted to flower but never amounted to anything.

    It does look like the Brugmansia now you have mentioned it. Isn't that a hallucinogen?


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,115

    You hope????????????????????!!!

  • Could it be cape gooseberry? Some seedlings come up every year in my greenhouse.

  • Ahh I think that is it, a Cape Gooseberry! any other suggestions?

    Shame about the hallucinogen though, just jokes!



  • Peter, you should be glad it is not Brugmansia, it is not a joking matter.

    There have been two or three posts recently about Datura and its close relative Brugmansia, and they all stress that these plants are poisonous. The poisons are the belladonna alkaloids that these plants contain, and can also be found in Deadly Nightshade, Mandrake and Black Henbane.

    I was wondering, do you folks know what ingesting these plants really does? Let's say that a two-day waking nightmare would be a good description. The alkaloids disrupt the chloinergic system in the brain and transport you to a separate reality (hence this was used for a book title by Carlos Castenada).

    Let me post a quote first then add some links:

    "The belladonna alkaloids are so terrifying and incapacitating - the physical effects often so unpleasant, and the loss of contact with ordinary reality so complete - that they are used only with great caution and rarely for pleasure.  For the same reasons, ironically, they are not regarded as a drug abuse problem and  can be bought in small doses on perscription or in over-the-counter sedatives and pills for asthma, colds, and motion sickness."

    There's a good overview here:

    And another one here, the source of the quote above:

    On the same site, some folks have recounted their datura "trips" I have not read them all and cannot swear they are all completely accurate, but they give a good indication of the damage that datura (and brugmansia) can do.

    Dream still my prince(s) and sweet tidings to you (and to all my princesses also).


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