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Comunal Yard

Im looking for some ideas on what I can do to the comunal yard that I share with a few other people, im restricted to not having any grass so its limited a little.

Here is a photo of what it kind of looks like now.[email protected]/9730028105/in/photostream/[email protected]/9730035277/in/photostream/[email protected]/9733250348/in/photostream/

I plan on getting a small cupboard/shed to hide the bike and chair and etc

Any help would be great



  • As you have your plants in pots already, and have a successful watering regime I would go for lots, lots more in pots. start with tulips, daffs and other spring bulbs. Go for a few varieties only, and choose by colours that you like... say pots of orange tulips, alongside others with purple tulips. Grow dahlias in pots, again put 3 of a single variety per pot, for maximum effect. Lots of annuals as well... go to your local GC and choose the ones you like on the day. Pot up en masse, water, feed (liquid tomato fertiliser is best, added when you water), the more the merrier. 

    As you don't have much storage room, and if you can afford it, go for new bulbs, plants etc. each year and bin the old ones as they die off. In a large garden the rest of us can overwinter our dahlias, daffs etc. Annuals always have to be replaced, and tulips mostly don't repeat well. 

    Anyway others will give you alternatives, or will critique my ideas....... patience and your forum friends will soon be adding to this.image

  • Just wondering what size pots? like I do like my square and rectangle ones but what looks better? 

    There is a chance I could use some artifical grass to make it look not as gray, There is almost differnt sections of "yard" that I was thinking I could have a arch way with some climbers going over the top and maybe some wooden trellis or something.

    Thanks for any help

  • Pots look good in an array of different shapes and sizes. Square and rectangular have the advantage of being more stable in wind, if this is a problem for you. tripods of 6 ft canes in large pots could give you sweet peas to pick. (buy small plants in spring) Also runner or climbing french beans. Also salad leaves in troughs... cut and come again.

    Have no experience of artificial grass but probably not my choice. Hard pots on hard surface is fine. Lots of pots will reduce your grayness anyway.

    Pots have advantage of flexibility... you can change lots each year since little is permanent.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 61,506

    I would stay away from artificial grass - the grey will set off red/orange/yellow/green plants really well, and it'll be much easier to sweep up fallen leaves etc from concrete than from plastic grass.  image  

    I think that bamboo looks really good and gives some height, so I'd have some more of those, and maybe an acer, some pots of extravagant looking grasses and lots of pots of colourful flowers image

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  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Rather than climbers or as well as you could hook troughs to the outside of some of those railings and have fallers image Something like this...

     As was suggested, you could plant runner beans, sweetpeas etc but plant them in pots at the bottom of the railings so they climb up and through them.

    Climbers tend to like a long root run so bear this in mind when choosing a pot. How would you fix climbers to the walls? Would it be easy to drill holes, nail etc?

    The picture below has a grey courtyard but you really don't notice as the colours are so vibrant and also look how some of the pots are on chairs to vary the height


  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Go raid your local dump too. You can find allsorts of things to plant in. Anything that can hold water and you can make or has holes in the bottom, You need to think outside the box lol. Here are a few to inspire you






     SORRY Had to post that last one lol.


  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Ooooh one more thought. Done this myself. Grow a climber up a ladder. No need to attach anything to wall then and you can put it where you want it


     A lean to would work well for you but I couldn't find a picture image

  • I love thes containers... why shouldn't a garden make you laugh out loud?image

    I don't do pix, but this year I planted two leaking watering cans, and an old rusty wheelbarrow , also with drainage holes, with pansies en masse.

    As you share the yard why not have a competition for the quirkiest container with your neighbours? image

  • old boots are a good one I've seen done.

    these could be placed on a old step ladder as well as going up your steps.

    also you have a fixing point to tie plant pots on your raillings (the open knot) where you could plant climers and tralling plants to.


    what I did some years ago was to stack three of the same plant pots but different sizes on top of each other and place a cane through the hole to stop the pots from falling over and fill it with tralling bedding plants. this looked realy quite nice in fact writting about it has made me want to make it again.



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