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i have often wondered how many of the people who use the forum use the rest of the website

do any of you read the what to do now or watch the video clips of how to 

how many read the blogs or look up plants in the database and do any of you listen to gardeners question time ?


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    I do look at the "what to do now" but usually find that it is way too early for me so I forget what I read and then the whole thing goes out of the window. 

    I listen to Gardeners' Questiontime but only out of habit and a sense of family tradition. Same as I listen to Sailing By and the Shipping Forecast. It's all a part of family routine but not necessarily something that you ever think you'll make practical use of.

    Never listen to The Archers though. Draw the line at that.

  • I always read the "what to do now" and quite often watch the videa clips. I don;t listen to Gardeners Question Time but I do listen to Radio Solents The Good Life which is a gardening show on a Sunday.

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