Help with Photinia please

I have two photinia serrulata atropurpurea nana in pots. The leaves curled up and fell off earlier this year. Despite repotting there is no sign of new growth. We live in Fife Scotland. I would be grateful for any ideas to bring them back from the brink. Thanks.


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    How long have they been without leaves Bluebell? is there any sign of buds? 

  • Hi Nutcutlet

    No leaves since March? no sign of buds. I will do the bark scraping test tomorrow. They cost £50.00 each....



  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,250

    Sorry Bluebell, that doesn't sound hopeful. £50 image

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    Photinia are large shrubs growing to 8 foot in hight, or more and 5-6 feet across. I have one which is beautiful here in Cheshire. They can, with care, be grown in large containers but are better off in soil. By the sounds of your question it appears that the pot they are in froze solid for a time last winter/spring with the very cold spell we all had and this has killed them.

    However, look for any sign of activity at the bottom of the main stem by (as suggested by Verdun) scrape away some of the bark and if brown, it is dead but if green, there is still life in the plant.  If so, remove the pot with the shrub to somewhere protected from your weather and cover it in fleece AND PRAY!!

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