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Talkback: Gardening with children

Tried to interest my son but he would have none of it. My friends' kids are the same. Internet, internet , internet, that's all they care about. Very sad.

Then again, I had no time for plants and gardening until I was 26, so there's hope.


  • Such negative comments ;-) Matching shoes, only interested in the internet. I wearing none matching pairs of clothing etc and switch the internet off when Myself or my daughter has finished browsing, then it's back to the great outdoors.

    I've always spent my time outside so my daughter is to have a go at replanting a lemon tree this weekend (we live in NZ). Should be fun.
  • Such a warm post. Doing gardening chores with your children is both rewarding and fulfilling. I had my time with my children is setting up our pergola kit. It was fun and from then we spend time in maintaining our little garden once in a while.
  • Thank you, James. Bookmarked the lot. Roll on Spring as I have a ferocious little digger - child, not Antipodean, I should add.
  • Why is your son wearing odd shoes? Could you not afford to get him a matching pair?

    Like you I was given a small area of the garden to grow marigolds, radishes - I've never liked them since.
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