Wintering a standard fuchsia


I am very new to gardening and need some advice pls, it will be really appreciated!

This summer I brought a lovely standard fuchsia, having chked the label it states  that winter protection is needed.

I have absolutely no idea how or even when to do this?

Do I cover the pot, stem or bush (top) part or all three? Do I have to bring it under cover/inside. I have no greenhouse or shed... Do I wait for the flowers/leaves to drop and does it need pruning before winter?

sorry about all the questions, I have tried a googling this but can't find a definitive answer..



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    With no greenhouse or shed, you are likely to lose it. A few Fuchsia are hardy, such as Mrs Popple. Most of the ones sold for summer bedding and hanging baskets are not. Winter protection means frost free. You could try wrapping it in fleece and putting it against the house wall for protection, But I still think you would lose the top, although it may sprout from the base. The best place for a standard fuchsia in winter is a frost free greenhouse, keeping the soil on the dryish side.

    Have you got a porch or a garage, or an unheated bedroom ?

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
  • Hi..

    Thank u for replying .

    I've chked label and it's a lambada..

    I have a porch and garage... Tho obvously the garage doesn't get much light, not sure if it will need that if dormant? - sorry very new to gardening!!

    I take it that it may poss survive if I put it in the porch and cover the pot with some fleece? Is there anything else I could do to increase its chances of survival ? 


    thsnks again


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    If you wrap the pot in bubble plastic, to stop it freezing, and put it in the porch until all the leaves fall off.  Prune the head down to three or four buds from the stalk.Then wrap the top with fleece. Keep the soil on the dry side , but don't let it dry out completely.  Then hope.   Good luck.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.

  • Prepare a storage area for your fuchsia. If your winters are mild placing your fuchsia in a covered porch, next to a sheltered wall, or even under a patio table protected from wind may be all that's needed.  For more severe winters prepare to store your plants in a shed, basement, garage or window well which will stay consistently between freezing and 40 degrees or so.  You can also build a large box or cold frame and insulate it with 6 to 8 inches of old blankets, shredded paper, straw, peat moss, or disease-free dry leaves.  If your storage location will be consistently above 45 to 50 degrees your fuchsia will not go completely dormant and will need adequate light, either from large windows or artificial grow lights. 

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    You could try pipe insulation on the stem,fleece on the top - after pruning back a bit and removing all the foliage and bubble wrap on the pot. image 

    Pam LL x

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