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Can someone advise me on what to do with my fuchsia,s over the winter as if possible for the first time I would like to try and keep them ready for next year for one it would save me money and secondly they have been so beautiful this year.


  • Hi Sheila I'm certainly no expert but I do have quite a few fuchsia's mainly in pots and I just put them all together against the house wall over winter and they grow and flower year after year. I don't do anything with the ones that are in the ground except cut them back in the spring.  

    I do know that there are hardy ones and not so hardy ones and I understand that the tender ones do need to be brought in during the colder months. There is a very informative fuchsia website which lists most of the fuchsia's my their name and says whether they are hardy or not. I'll have a search and see if I can leave the link for you. Or I'm sure the far more experienced posters here will let you know how hardy your plants are if you know their names.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    I have kept the less hardy ones in pots in a greenhouse that is heated to just above freezing in the winter.  Some of these are now several years old.  However, it is always worth taking cuttings of those you especially value.

    The hardy ones can stay in the ground and will survive just about anything nature can throw at them.This year I am going to pot up the small ones from our baskets and keep those in the greenhouse too - we will see how they do. 

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