evergreen clematis for behind rose hedge

Hi All, I've just put a fence up (will try to attach pic) and have ordered 3 Wild Edric hedging roses to plant along. I'm hoping to intersperse these with other hedging type plants but am wary of swamping them. In order to get some privacy am considering planting some evergreen clematis to climb over the fence behind the roses. Two questions really: 1. could anyone suggest a clematis that would be the right size and temperament (central Brittany so it's pretty rainy with temp much like Cornwall, on a S-E facing slope) and, 2. any thoughts on evergreen hedging/bushes that would grow alongside the roses would be appreciated. We have some very overgrown holly (not sure how easy it would be to transplant) and plenty of overgrown lonicera.. Thanks, Pip 




  • eta.. that should be lonicera nitida (overgrown hedging)

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,255

    Hi pip

    I'd avoid the evergreen Clematis armandii, it will swallow your roses as well as the fence after a few years

    what height to you want to achieve?

  • Hi nutcutlet, The fence is about 1.5m so I'm thinking about that height in order to give privacy from people walking down the lane.

  • Hi Pip

    Some jasmine might be nice? Should do well in your climate & can be kept in check with regular pruning

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,255

    or a late scented honeysuckle to follow on after the roses. you'd have to keep it in check though, as you would most climbers

  • Thanks dolgarrog, I'll go and investigate image 

  • Thanks nutcutlet, The position of the fence means it's fairly accessible to trim so I'll have a look for not-too-vigorous varieties. A mix of honeysuckle and jasmine may be very nice..

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