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My jasmine variegatum has not produced a lot of flowers this year, the foliage is growing well but only a handful of flowers what am i doing wrong?



  • I have summer jasmine and mine, too, has only produced a few flowers this year.  I also have the pretty Star Jasmine which has not produced any flowers at all.  Obviously not a good year for jasmines.  On the other hand, roses have been glorious and have made up for lack of jasmine.  Still flowering and looking great.   I suppose what we lack in one dept we make up for in another image

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    A feed with a tomato or rose fertiliser does the trick with my jasmine. Low nitrogen is the key. Too much nitrogen and you get tons of foliage at the expense of flowers.

  • Thanks for your replies. Sorry to seem thick but would bonemeal work or not?


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    Bonemeal is usually low in potassium, high in phosphorous.

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