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Arum Lily Crowborough

I have several arum lily Crowborough plants in different parts of my garden. Some are in partial shade some full sun. I do mulch them over the winter to protect the crowns. All the plants are healthy and have sent massive leaves this year however I have not had many flowers. Most of the plants have not sent any flowers up at all and even the most established plant has only sent one or two. I have fed all the plants with a general purpose fertilizer or tomato fertilizer and have watered well. Is there anything I can do to encourage more flowers next year. Anybody else had this problem?



  • Thanks for your reply. It was a long cold spring and the arums were possibly a bit later than normal this year so that could be the case.  At least I did not lose them.  I will try not feeding them next year to see if it makes any difference. I probably do over tend them as they are one of the plants in my garden which I would hate to lose. Did yours flower well this year?

  • Thanks for that. Very reassuring to know it is not just my plants which have not flowered as good as usual this year. I hope they do better next year. Always concerned I might lose them over winter being in the north of England so I do protect them using spent compost from the hanging baskets but will try not to give them as much "tending" next year.

  • I only got 2-3 flowers per plant this year. How damp is your soil? My Arum (I had forgotten they are called that and Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Crowborough' is a mouthfull!) are in heavy soil but free draining being near a west facing wall, so I am always needing to water them.

  • Most of my arums are planted close to walls but the soil is quite heavy and usually naturally very damp being in this part of Lancashire however I did water them a lot this year when the temperatures were very hot during July. I have one clump located next to my pond and two more in pots but they didn't flower although they are younger plants.

  • If you look it up at the RHS site, it classifies it as an aquatic or herbaceous perennial, so I would think it needs a lot of water - boggy conditions would seem ideal.  Ground near walls tends to get quite dry so perhaps that isn't the best place for it?

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  • Thanks for all your replies and suggestions. Ironically the few flowers that did grow this summer were in a clump right next to the wall in full sun! The clump in damper ground nearer the pond has grown lush with numerous massive leaves but no flowers. Hoping for better luck next year. Doubtless they will flower if they want to!

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