Arum Lily Crowborough

I have several arum lily Crowborough plants in different parts of my garden. Some are in partial shade some full sun. I do mulch them over the winter to protect the crowns. All the plants are healthy and have sent massive leaves this year however I have not had many flowers. Most of the plants have not sent any flowers up at all and even the most established plant has only sent one or two. I have fed all the plants with a general purpose fertilizer or tomato fertilizer and have watered well. Is there anything I can do to encourage more flowers next year. Anybody else had this problem?


  • homebirdhomebird Posts: 87

    My Crowborough has its roots in the edge of the pond and flowers like mad. Maybe yours isn't quite getting enough water. ?

  • Hello homebird, thanks for that. I am amazed to still be receiving replies to this question. Last year the plants did much better. I have some in full sun, some in shade, some in dry areas and some in very wet soil but didn't notice much difference. I concluded it was just one of those years when they didn't want to perform!! I live near Burnley east Lancs  where the weather is usually cool and damp and things do tend to flower later in the season then elsewhere (I still have daffodils in bloom!). Pleased to report the arums have overwintered well and there are a lot of new lleaves and shoots coming through. Thanks for your reply

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