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Pear tree

Why are the buds on my 4 yr old colume pear tree turning black as they form and falling off pls?  It is in a tub which I have just replanted into a larger tub thinking it may have needed more space. I have never had any fruit in all this time from it. It looks very healthy otherwise.I have fed it with tomatoe feed and also mixed bonemeal into the soil.I don,t want to give up on it as it looks really healthy, what can I do to prepare it for next year to give me fruit beyond budding size pls. Thanks for a great site.x


  • 296, I'm not sure what you mean by 'buds'.  Do you mean it blossoms but when the fruit begins to form it drops off?  If that's the case, there are a number of possibilities but it does take a few years before pears start cropping properly.  I would leave it to it's own devices now and just make sure it doesn't ever dry out.  After it blossoms next Spring, you can start feeding it with diluted liquid tomato feed once a fortnight, but don't be tempted to feed it at all until then as you will do more harm than good.

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    Has it got a mate?  Does it need a mate?

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