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Talkback: Frogs, ponds and winterkill

I leave the pumps in my two ponds running all year round. In late Autumn the pumps are raised onto up turned planting baskets and put back down to the bottom in Spring, as soon as the water temperature rises. The water has always got a clear bit under the water falls, and they look spectacular when ice forms in them and on the adjacent plants. Both ponds have a fairly high stocking rate of healthy, happy fish which produce young, and they are also home to a multitude of frogs that patrol the garden during the summer keeping the slugs under control. The advantages of ponds in gardens are many, the diversity of insects that are attracted to them is wonderful, if you haven't got one , get a spade and start digging.


  • help i have been invaded with frogs & newts in my garden I dont want them as one I am terrified of them secondly my dog keeps trying to bring them in, please help me
  • Hi Heather, I spoke to a frog expert about this and he suggested creating more hiding places for your frogs and newts, such as piles of logs and stones, areas of long grass and dense areas of foliage. You won't see them nearly as often and they'll be able to hide better from your dog, too. Hope this helps.

  • Bradley's garden - Herons visit garden ponds very early in the morning, often before daybreak to feed on fish & frogs. Going un-niticed, as they fly off before we get-up & look out of the window. Unless you are 'lucky' enough to live close to a river with Otters. As these have been known to take fish from garden ponds. A grill is probably the way to keep your fish safe.
  • Hi, I have just taken about 18 dead frogs out of my pond since the ice has melted, and a number of baby frogs, before this winter the poulation was thriving, I am really concerened that I have lost the entire male popoulation. Just wanted to know if all the males sit at the bottom and will the population recover from such a huge loss. I have also lost 16 of my gold fish and a carp (ice and a heron), I only have 4 gold fish left. Should I restock or will they reproduce.

    (I did try and keep an opening on a daily basis but it seemed to start freezing over as soon as it was opened!)
  • I built a pond in april which filled up with at least 9 marvellous frogs, of varing sizes. All through the summer I would go out at night and watch them. Yesteday I went to the pond and saw one underneath side up, which I took out of the pond all signs of life gone. We then went on to find 13 in total all dead it was so upsetting I cried all night. What could I have done to help them through the winter?I am wondering if I will ever see any more of these wonderful little creatures again in my pond.
  • We also have a big pot where is we used as a pond for our small turtles..

    Wood Urns
  • its late august and i still have tadpoles and lots of tiny frogs, how on earth will they survive the winter, especially if it's as cold as last year? is there any measures i can take ?
  • i have a big pond that holds up to 4 big adult male goldfish. Mysteriosly they disappear over night. I used to have 4 now have 3. I brought another one and the same thing happened. I don't have a gate for the side alley of the house so it may be cats and i not sure if its a heron. Please post what you think could be the answer
  • i cleared leaves from my small wild life pond and (for the third year running) ished out five dead frogs, I am so upset as i tried to keep the ice broken and added oxygen plants, what can I do to stop this happening again
  • help

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