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James, derelict bomb-sites are actually very good for wildlife.


  • How about a compromise, guys?
    Everyone has a area that is sort of ignored. Cut and trim all you want, but move the trimmings to that unused area for the winter.
    Works for us...
  • Of course gardens are good for wildlife - the bees would be in an even more sorry state than they are in now if it wasn't for the nectar they get from our flowering plants. They have to be chosen with care and looked after to give a good show and lotsof nectar and pollen, in short cultivated which is what gardening is all about. Personally I would feel very lonely in my large grden without the wildlife. The robin babies even come and sit on my dresser in among the ornaments in the spring. I live in a garden with a house attached rather than the other way round.
  • I am very pleased to say i have had many bees,butterflies,birds,ladybugs,spider's and many more insects in my garden this year i do keep old logs for insects to live and a wildlife area and i agree with happymarion i too live in a garden with house attached.God bless gardens.
  • We have just cut down some overgrown Lleylandi, and with the help of two eager grandchildren, Charlie 9 and Molly 6 we have built a log pile at the back of a border. Each time they visit the first port of call is the garden to see what insects have moved in.
  • I love Happymarion's comment about "living in a garden with a house attached". My husband & I feel very much the same. I am a gardener by profession and do try to encourage my clients to go down the organic and not too tidy route. I emphasise encourage, not bludgeon. Most of them don't notice what I do providing their garden looks good. One of the few things I can't sort out organically however is Japanese Knotweed. Anybody got any organic solutions bearing in mind that 0.7 gm is enough to regrow a plant so pls don't suggest digging it up. I have a flamethrower, but the plant is growing too close to the 2m wood fence for this approach.
  • Hi please can we have more from Carol Kline as the other two people on the programme do not seem to be any good at presenting. Also planting old tree stumps in on's garden is not really a good idea as so much bad insect life is attracted. Please get rid of Toby and Swift ASAP.
  • is there a poetry competition? no mention on thr website.
  • Hello Bob, yes, there will be a page about the poetry competition going live on the site in the next week. (The competition is open until 28 February 2011.)
  • Но откровенно говоря очень не хочется все свое время проводить на работе с утра до вечера, хочется и семье время уделять побольше. А не жить в 2 коротких выходных.
  • Thank you, I've recently been searching for details about this subject for ages and yours is the best I've found so far.
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