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Rose recommendations - help please

I have a friend whose husband has very recently passed away.  I was thinking of buying her a rose for the garden to remember him by.  It must flower in the month of September as that is when he passed away as well as being the month of his birthday.  I was thinking of a white rose, probably not a climber or rambler as she has a small garden.  One with a wonderful scent would be good too.  The name must also be appropriate, given the circumstances of giving it.


  • We bought one for our son who we lost in a car accident and it was called " remember me" and it has always had a flower on his date of his accident. 

  • Thankyou, that is a lovely suggestion.

  • Sorry to hear about your son Diddy, must have been very tough times for you all. But what a wonderful idea to grow something in his memory he must be the first thing you think about when you look at it and I should think it must be comforting and lift you up when you see that beautiful bloom of roses. 

  • We bought a very large glazed planter so that the rose had plenty of room to grow we also placed his ashes in side so we know that he is close to us.When ever you are feeling sorrowful we feel that we can chat to him.You have to have been in this situation to understand i supose!.

  • I know a lot of people who've planted things in memory of their loved ones. And I don't think it matters if its a plant, or a bench, or whatever. If that's what comforts you and brings you a little bit of piece and the ability to smile when remembering, none of it can wrong can it. That's what I think anyway.

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