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Help with identification and cure of fungus on lawn

Hi All

can someone offer some advise on what is growing on my lawn, and what i can do to get rid of it.  

I am not gardening expert, so hopefully there is a easy solution as i am not necessarily looking for best lawn in the world.

Looking on the web i think it may look like Lichens, but cant be certain

Some other considerations for background

1. where the areas are particular bad is quite damp as at the bottom of a slight incline

2. the areas where bad are right next to Leylandii

3. over the last year have started to put down a lawn feed and moss killer, (nitrogen phospherous) 

thanks in advance

Picures are








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    Hi, lichen is a sign of poor drainage and shade, does it occur at the drip line of the trees near it?  Good lawn maintenance is key to preventing/getting rid of it - aerate the area well, top dress with sharp sand and brush it into the holes.  Look after the lawn well during the following year.  I'd weed, feed and mosskill in spring, rake out moss/weeds, liquid feed once a month, weed & feed again mid-late summer but not when really dry weather is forecast, rake lawn again and reseed late summer/autumn and you should have a cracking lawn!

  • Hi PaulaH, many thanks for the feedback.   some of the worst areas are under the drip lines, but there are some other areas about 1m away from the drip lines.

    Should i do any of the things you mention just now or wait until start of next year.  I am based near glasgow so not expecting much more sunshine this year 

    thanks again for your help


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    Now is a brilliant time to work on a lawn as its generally still warm enough and starting to get damp.  Would definitely be worth aerating the worst areas with the lichen plus any compacted areas - water will just tend to sit on compacted areas.  Then brush sharp sand into the holes.  You could give it an autumn feed/mosskiller - this won't produce loads of lush green growth but will help the roots and kill moss (is the lawn mossy?)  About a week-10 days after applying, assuming it has been fairly well rained on or watered, you can rake out the moss/debris and reseed it.  Aerating and raking are the hard bits but will pay dividends next year.

  • Thanks Paula

    looks very mossy, so will do all of these and hopefully things should start to pick up over the next couple of weeks image

  • Snow mould?

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