Climber Jiffy plugs

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I've just received 6 climber Jiffy plugs from the Thomson & Morgan offer and have potted them up.  Where is the best place to put them while they are growing on.  I have put the pots onto a tray so they are easy to move around if required.

I have a large patio area so can accommodate most requirements ie. full shade to full sun. I'm assuming full sun isn't a good idea.


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    Hi KT53, let them get going before you stick them in full sun although at this time of year it's getting cooler.  Be careful with watering while they are small as they can be prone to rotting off.  I'd put them in a cold frame or cold greenhouse over winter or a cool porch if you don't have the former.  What climbers are they?

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 2,155

    2 Jasmine, 2 Lonicera, 2 Passiflora.

    I have put gravel in the bottom of the pots to help with drainage.


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