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Hi new to the forum and looking for design ideas

Hi all I've recently built a raised flower bed and would like to add some colour to it with shrubs that are low maintenance.Also i'd like to add a border to the left of the garden that i can plant annual seeds but keep a bit of lawn for the kids so some ideas here would be great.

The garden gets sun all day except for the last few hours of the evening.

I'm living in Ireland.





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    Hi coys looks like you've made a great start.image

    Do you have any preference on style, colour, form? Would you say a traditional look, cottagey or more modern? 

    Give a few pointers on what you like and I am sure you will have suggestions flying at you! 

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    Hi am thinking more along the cottagey feel,i would like to fill the bed on the right with a mix of colour with plants that attract bee's etc. For the bed on the left i'm open to ideas as i'm stuck as what to do.

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    Yes was thinking about lavender as i saw a picture here and thought it would look nice.Can i plant anything this time of year or is it best left until next year?

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    Yes was looking for a mix of permanent and annuals and looking to add some height in there also. Sorry new to all this but is addictive.

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    Verdun wrote (see)

    Hiya Coys

    If you can get your plants in at least 1 litre size then yes, plant them out now.  Or get smaller ones and pot up,to keep over winter in the greenhouse or sheltered spot.  They will grow like mad next spring then.  and cheaper.  30 to 40 cm apart.

    I have a lavendar edge to my veg patch....lovely.  Planted a long and curving lavendar hedge for a friend last spring and it's looked wonderful this summer.  I took cuttings to,provide plants for another hedge opposite to make an avenue of lavendar next summer.  Nothing to beat the scent of lavendar or that hazy blue of a lavendar hedge, ESP if curving.  Magnificent Coys

    Thanks for the advice,i think you've sold it to me,will look out for some nice lavender.

  • Looking great already! I would add a similar but smaller curving border on the other side - it will make the garden look bigger and kids do not need large expanses of lawn. If you are lucky to live in a mild part of Ireland then your options of plants are wide.

    I would add Fargesia bamboo as an evergreen backbone for the back of the border and in between put tall perennials like Hollyhock, Delphinium, Eryngium etc between those (Artichoke is a member of the Sunflower family and is cheap to buy lots of 'bulbs' for and they have small yellow flowers - look out for them in shops). Smaller perennials like Rudbeckia, Primrose, Primula and bulbs like Tulips, Daffs, Crocosmia, Crocus etc all add to the cottage look and are all low maintainance. You can get all of those quite cheaply over the next few months as bare roots or bulbs.

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