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Talkback: Vine weevils again

For several nights in a row this week we have watched adult vine weevils try to get out of a garden spider's strategically placed web. The weevils are always gone in the morning and we doubt they have escaped. Well done spiders and aren't their webs pretty with raindrops or frost on them at this time of year?


  • Vine Weevils, well if you are not going to kill them your plants will die, the grubs should be dug up and fed to the birds, the birds can't dig them up because they are too deep for the birds to reach. I had pots and pots of plants destroyed by these awful creatures so I have no problem killing them, one large pot had 100 grubs in it so one adult beetle can devistate your whole garden.
  • really do have to kill vine weevils or they will devistate the garden as they seem to survive because the grubs are too low in the ground for the birds to get them, the adults give birth to vast ammounts of off springs.
  • I lived with a colony of vine weevils in two window boxes over a couple of years. Each time I changed the planting I would put the old compost in a tray on the lawn and the blackbirds and robins would have a feast. It never quite got rid of the vine weevils but they didn't decimate my plants at all. Now I have moved.. but I think the vine weevils have moved with me..
  • Vine weevils are totally evil and they do kill plants, do away with them whenever possible and keep them in manageable proportions - horrible enemies of the gardening fratwernity!!
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  • Sorry White Van Woman, if the weevils are not in the webs the next morning, it is because they HAVE escaped. Have a look at the blog entry from April 2009.
  • whitevan woman - I love the sight of spider webs at the time of year too - hate accidentally walking through them though!

    kaycurtis, maggiewilde, Sir Digalot - thanks for your comments. Interesting how divided opinion is on the matter. I'll certainly let you know if I've made a mistake in deciding not to kill them! Has anyone else managed to live long term with vine weevils in their garden? Kate
  • Gosh, even Bugman Jones squishes vine weevils. Well I won't, and we'll see what happens!
  • I have found that if I put a layer of stones, either decorative or the large pebble stones in big pots, the vine weevils cannot get into the soil to lay their eggs. After losing a couple of beautiful roses a few years ago I have not been troubled by the weevils again since doing this.
  • I'm with Sir Digalot - vine weEVILs are evil and should be killed along with those horrid red lily beetles.

    Until two years ago I had 10 plants in pots on my patio of assorted species and ages and they all died thanks to this nasty creature. I now keep just two plants in pots and only because they are ericaceous and I don't have acid soil. I stand the pots on bricks in saucers of water and so far no sign of vine weevil infestation.

    Does anyone know of any plants that can be grown in pots that will escape the vine weevils attentions?
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