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Talkback: Carnivorous plants

There is one that can catch and digest a rat! Children always find them interesting and not just the boys. I think it is easier for them to understand than plants getting nourishment from roots.


  • There are a few more groups, some less common than those mentioned in this blog. Sundews, or Drosera have thin leaves in various shapes all of them have sticky tipped tentacles covering either the entire leaf or at the tip. These are excellent corn fly control because as soon as the corn fly or midge lands on them... it's all over! Same thing with flies up to about the size of a blue bottle!
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  • I cannot understand the some people who read Gardeners World magazine can have such small minds. Alexander Sinclair is a breath of fresh air,the way he writes always puts a smile on my face,it is a sad view,chill out and widen your minds and appreciate good writing
  • Having nearly killed my pitcher plant by not keeping the water topped up I'm now in the strange position of having green flies trying to attack the "fly eating plant". I will continue to wipe them off until its pitchers regrow. Will it then "eat" the flies?
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