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How do you store tom chutney...



  • I am still eating my chutney I made on sept 14th 2012. Its yummy. Have made some more this year . Just make sure you sterlise the jars in the oven and fill them with yor chutney whilst they are still warm. Cover with cling film and put the lids on when cool. Baby food jars are an ideal size  if you can get some.

  • I have loads of green toms, but no time right now. Can I freeze them and make chutney out of them in a couple of weeks or should I just leave them on the plant till then - temps are due to get down to 8 degrees so they will probably stop ripening? but will it harm the fruits?

  • I was wondering about freezing some first as I still have a few ripening. Want to have a go at ketchup.  Don't suppose it would matter if they're goung to get all mushed up anyway?  Anyone else know?

    Zoomer, most malt vinegar is 5% so should be ok to use.

  • I have frozen tomatoes and some time later made chutney and it was fine, there seemed no difference. I cooked them from frozen but needed to cook chutney a little longer as the water content must have been higher. I would love a recipe thread.  

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,189

    Sorry for not getting back sooner, I've been on holiday. .

    gj. I've frozen toms and they are unbelievably mushy when defrosted.

    Off to get some cheese and biscuits tomorrow to test the chutney made two weeks ago. I didn't have any labels though and there isn't any difference in colour between the jars, come to think about it, there wasn't much difference in the taste when bottled between green and red chutney, it did taste very sweet thoughimage   

    Wish me luckimage  

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