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re- what to grow next year

iv been growing onions (do well with them) carrots, beetroot, turnips ect(not much of these) i also grow runner beans (not to bad ), sweet peas (realy well)  can you suggest other veg i can have a go at  

another thing, whats the best weed killer and fertaliser should i use and when.

how long befor planting seeds

thanks again                                                                                                       



  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 60,525

    You can sow Swiss Chard now, it'll start to grow this autumn, you might even get a few pickings from it (use it like spinach) before the bad weather comes - then as soon as winter begins to fade the chard will start to grow and you'll have pickings all through spring and into early summer.

    In late October you can sow Broad Beans Aquadulce Claudia - they'll grow into stocky little plants before the coldest weather brings them to a standstill, then in early spring they'll get away strongly and you'll have an early crop of lovely broad beans, before the aphids dare appear. 

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  • I can't comment on weed killer - I use pelleted chicken manure to fertilise the soil (much like fish, blood and bone to use), and feed things that need it with tomato food or seaweed extract. I have swiss chard and perpetual spinach (spinach beet) growing now. If you're looking for things for next year rocket and other salad leaves are really easy, and I'm having a go at overwintering some spring onions this year.

  • Garlic. So easy. You'll need to get it in the ground now, a good frost kicks it off and it tastes better than Spring grown.

    I bought a Jumbo bulb from a garden centre and split the cloves 22 in total. I'm trying Garlic in tubs this year. I have some huge 3ft diameter and some 2ft ones too.

  • Get yourself some Bocking 14 comfrey plant(s); that gives you something to grow, and if you harvest the leaves and put them in a plastic container (an old chicken manure pellet container) then the resulting liquid that you can drain off is a great high-potash ferrtiliser for promoting fruit growth.

  • i grow tomato cucumbers very easy to grow

  • runnerbeans, cucumber, tomatoes , pumkins, beetroot, onions, potatoes, strawberrys, radish,tunip  let us know what you grow an how you get on image

  • I've planted a thin line of Jerusalem artichokes around my greenhouse as a natural line of shade - they can be cut to height, grow very freely and you end up with something to dig out and eat at the end of summer. Never needed to support them and have never had a problem with the supposed problem that has given then the nickname Jeruslaem farti-choke. They taste a bit nutty and can be added into mashed potato. Growing fewer runner beans and more climbing French beans - wonderful variety of types and colours, very good croppers and even when quite long they are fully edible and tasty whereas runner beans get tougher the bigger they get. Dahlias dotted around the allotment are easy to grown and provide a nice burst of colour and being perennial are excelelnt long-term value for money.

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 9,006

    Simon, the 'fartichoke' thing is genetic - either you are affected or aren't.  I am, but that has never stopped me from eating them - superb roasted!  Once you plant them they are there forever though (barring glyphosate) - I still have them coming up in my fuit patch even though Ive been digging every one up as soon as I see it for 6 or 7 years.

    I agree about climbing French beans but they are a bit picky about the weather so growing several types every year is good insurance against one of them giving a poor crop.  Cobra usually do well for me but were pitiful last year.

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  • I have tried for the first time in my greenhouse a variety of tomato called "vanessa",Very good cropper, firm round tasty fruits still on the go,they will replace "shirley" who has been my fav'. for years.and red onions from seed too.Good luck.
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