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Talkback: Pelargoniums

hi this has nothing to do with flowers but could someone tell me what this could be.....
yesterday on my lawn there were and still are theses jelly type clumps of balls,,,very much like frogspawn but without the black tadpole in the middle...
they are very close to my pond but are on the grass...there is a clump of about

any ideas...............


  • Sounds like salamander eggs, Sarah.
    That's awesome!
  • I think it is more likely to be be some sort of jelly fungus.
  • Back to pelargoniums! Thank you, Pippa, for reminding me of the name of Lord Bute which has done well with me this year as has the scented leaf one called "Copstone" which is 4ft tall and never without flowers. I have started to bring them in to the house and conservatory. The large ones go into the conservatory in their pot and I scrape off the top inch of compost and add some fresh while the smaller ones are repotted from their big planters into pots which will fit the window-sills to make way for bulbs, primulas, pansies, etc for winter colour in my containers. It is possible to have pelargoniums giving a show in the house all year round. Such a pity some peple are allergic to them.
  • Hi jc
    Re your garlic problem - I think that this year you left it in too long. Tradition has it that you plant it on the shortest day & harvest it on the longest day.
    I generally harvest it in July, once the outer leaves start to go brown & dry. Leave it too long & I understand the heads tend to divide further to make more but smaller cloves.

    The other thing is that you should grow garlic bought from a garden centre, as those varieties are good for growing in the UK.
  • pippa my mum has a number of brick coloured tile from 1900 with a diamond pattern. she said you mentioned on one of the shows how you liked them but couldnt get hold of any. if you are interested please contact via [email protected] x
  • Oh! well nearly time too put the garden to bed, all tucked up in flease and hope that the winter isn't as bad as last year and all we survey survives
  • I bought a Lord Bute pelargonium from his estate on the Isle of Bute. It's a beautiful plant, unfortunately it died despite me trying my very best to keep it going. Can anyone give me advice on how to keep regal pelargoniums?
  • this is the second year that i have grown garlic without success, the first year there was nothing at all at the end of the stalk, this year there are bulbs but too small and black skins.They were planted in the autumn and i have just harvested them, did i not water them enough or did i leave them in too long?
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