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Talkback: Gardening disputes between neighbours



  • My neighbour in dispute is British Rail they have a massive tree at the end of my garden that deposits hundreds of sapplings in my garden and their weeds fill my garden every year for the last 35 years also the tree blocks out light, when I complained there answer was that I wasn't entitled to light and although I am disabled I still have to deal with this yearly clean up, the council wouldn't help so the problem has never been resolved.I now also had an heart op, so finding things impossible.
  • My problem is the neighbours grown up son who revs his motorbike up in the garden for about 5 minutes before driving off. Also when his parents are away and he waters the garden he succeeds in watering the windows in my conservatory or me if I am in the garden
  • Try tying your bamboo (I hate leylandii) on the neighbours' side back into your own garden with orange twine or that wide plastic mesh in orange. They will be breaking the law, for what it's worth, if they reach over to clip it. We've done this in our garden so we can't see it, but the neighbours can and it's an eyesore for them. They are the nosiest people in the street. Having given up on us they have started to cut the other neighbours' hedge so they can watch them in their garden. Sad people everywhere.
  • Please please don't be nasty to your neighbours whoever they are.
  • I was shocked by the hateful language Kate Bradbury used here.
  • re; the neighbours and their guests.
    If you can afford/is allowed put up a fence or a hedge of holly plus drive gates.
  • Mmm, anon, I think Kate's 'hateful' remarks were light-hearted, and not to be taken seriously!
  • Thank you, Enid. Though I do agree with anon, we should be nice to our neighbours.
  • I can't believe any gardener recommending planting Leylandii, especially in the circumstances described. Kate wasn't joking. I am glad she doesn't live near me! The way forward has to be different than advised as the hedge advice will simply make matters worse, come on Kate be sensible - gardeners are supposed to be friends of the earth not vindictive folk bent on making other people's lives a misery. Take some runner beans round and have a cup of tea and a chat!
  • Sir Digalot - I wasn't seriously advising readers of this blog to plant a leylandii hedge to exact revenge against their neighbours. I'm sorry you didn't find that clear.

    I get on very well with my neighbours and we often socialise together. Indeed, I recently made them some ginger biscuits.

    I really wasn't trying to foster any ill feeling between neighbours, I was merely passing comment on the fact that leylandii hedges had once again been in the news.
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