A few of my dahlias thhis year


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    They are beautiful, shame though, that you've only got double ones, which are no good for the bees.

  • Beautiful.  I am a newly converted dahlia lover, used to hate them but now love them.  They give that much needed late colour.  I took lots of cuttings early this year so am increasing my stock, but will be a while before I have such a good collection as yours. 

    Love them image

  • Can you please explain what is ment by DOUBLE ones please as I don't under stand

  • Tried doing cuttings this year but didn't succeed and the parent plant was set back by over a month

  • I took cutting for the 1st time this, has been successful except that the cuttings haven't flowered, so hoping that they will next year. As it doesn't really cost alaot thought it was worth a try

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    Hi Clueless

    Double refers to the fact that the flowers have a 'double layer' of petals which mean that bees and other insects cannot get to any pollen in the centre of the flower.  I have planted my first dahlia this year, a single (Twinings after dark I think its called).  lovely single creamy yellow flower and amazing, almost black foliage.

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     All grown from seed last year, flowered late last year, tubers stored over winter and started in greenhouse, potted on, and flowering from early July this year.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
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     I love all the little bedding type dahlias. They always throw up lots of beautiful colours image

  • Thanks Verdun so it's the single one I love I don't like the pom pom one's 


    and yes the bees' love them 


  • oops and sford 

    only just seen your reply xx

  • A question about the cuttings though.  Mine are about 10 inches tall, have not flowered but are good healthy bushy plants.  What do I do in the winter, do I leave them in the pots, not sure if such small plants have tubers yet or not.  I always overwinter tubers in the greenhouse but first year I have grown cuttings.

  • Thank you  Verdun  image

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    I have a dahlia currently blooming well. It's the first one I've grown and new heads are still forming despite it being September. How long can I expect it to keep flowering, and should I chop off the whole bush down to the main trunk once the last flower's gone? I cut off the heads as soon as the petals fall off, as I read in another thread that this promotes new heads growing.

    I think next year I'll grow one in a large pot at the front of my house, as the one that's grown in the soil is a nice overall size.

    Are there any easy-to-grow plants similar to a dahlia that flower in the months a dahlia doesn't?

  • Hi have any of you got any seeds from your dahlias that could be used on the seed swap thread.this is a great help for many people with thier gardens. 

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