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Sorry to be boring again but the suggestions I have received from my past requests for mid size Toms (eg. like the size of Moneymaker or Aila Craig with flavour!) have made me search further.

I have found a Tomato called `Elisir` which appears to be medium skinned, sweet and used for salads, sandwiches, etc. The pictures however make them look like a cherry variety.

Have any of you grown it? If so, what is the flavour like? I have been growing Toms for 50 years and every year I grow Toms with disappointing flavour I feel I am loosing another year without great success. I do NOT want Cherry or Beef Toms so can anyone help?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 11,254

    This might sound like a silly question, bigolob, but do you smoke? Also some medicines can alter your sense of taste. Check the leaflets in the pack.

    My dad thought tomatoes had lost their flavour, until he gave up smoking and he got his sense of taste back.

     He much prefers yellow sungold these days, sprinkled with salt, followed by gardeners delight.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
  • GardenmaidenGardenmaiden Posts: 1,095

    We've been growing garden pearl for about 5 years now and they have a good taste. For the first time we've also grown Tigrella and Costoluto genovese. The Tigrella are about the size of satsumas with striping and they taste good, but the Costoluto are a big tomato that are palm sized and are very good sliced in sandwiches and also on top of cheese on toast. They are very tasty and are not very watery.

  • I have grown Black Krim and have been very disappointed.  The taste is very good but every plant in both the greenhouse and polytunnel has been prone to splitting and other blemishes.  I've watered all the tomato plants, all 30 of them, 8 varieties in all, the same but they are the only one to split.  I do find that the cherry ones, Sungold in particularly give the best flavour.  I've grown Harbinger this year and am finding them a bit watery with little flavour.  A tomato called Sukura that we got as part of an offer from Fothergills I think have proved very good but may be a little on the small side although not a cherry.

  • bigolobbigolob Posts: 127

    Fidgetbones, I stopped smoking in 1991, began with Emphysema in 2007 and realised what an idiot I had been!! It was fashionable in the 50`s and 60`s to smoke and like me, most Doctors did it!.

    I can understand your father`s need for extra flavour in food due to smoking but he and I are past that stage. I have in the past grown Sungold and the flavour is good but try making a sandwhich with them!

    Gardenmaid, I grew Tigrella some years ago but was not impressed with their tendancy to be a bit soft.  I will look up Costoluto on the net and thanks for the name.

    Teenrbee, I am amazed in how many Toms you grow, you must have a big family. Again, see my comments on Sungold above but I will look up Sukura to see if it is what I am looking for.


    Many thank to you all and keep the variety name coming please.


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