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So I bought several of these Japanese Hollies, thinking I could create some interesting shapes for the garden.  All ten of them, however, have arrived with 'double' trunks.  Simple question: Can I just cut one of these off and expect the plant to survive and flourish through the remaining trunk (i.e. become a normal tree)?  Or will it try to send up suckers, become infected, fail to thrive, etc?

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    Well, I'm not much good with things that grow in acid soil but as nobody else has come up with anything yet I'll start things off.

    Firstly, this is a Japanese plant, apparently used there for bonsai. Knowing what I know about Japanese people, they cannot leave plants alone for five minutes and are always trying to "improve" them. I once had a Japanese house guest who spent more or less his whole time with us trying to straighten up a small tree in our garden. So I would imagine that this particular tree has got used to being messed about with by its countrymen over several hundred years of cultivation.

    Secondly, there is a website run by the University of Connecticut which says that the tree will withstand serious pruning and shearing (See which sort of confirms what I first thought.

    It doesn't like chalk and it doesn't like drying winds. Would be absolutely useless where I live.

    Good luckimage


  • Good link - thanks WB. I'm going to try snipping the smaller trunk from three of the ten plants and see what happens.  If it works I'll repeat on the others in the spring.

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