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Talkback: Gardening books: holiday reading

Well Folks not going on holiday, but the book reading is a must, I spend a lot of time reading and my favourite bedtime read is gardeners world,among many novels, and books containing all sorts of information, I do hope you all enjoy your holidays, must say I just don't have time to busy trying to do the garden.


  • Thanks,I'm always on the look out for good books and are adding these to my list.
  • Oxfam, Cancer Research, Scope, and all the other second-hand shops, all stock some great gardening books of which you’ll pay a fraction of the original selling price. As a complete novice gardener, who has just discovered the therapeutic effects of gardening, (at the ripe ago of 52) I’ve got some great books from these shops.
    Blimy I could have spent a small fortune buying brand new books. And after all, they all basically say the same things. So have a browse in your second hand charity shops and once you‘ve finished that particular book you can take it back for them to resell again., Oh and don’t forget your local library too. Get in there before they start closing them down with their local council cut backs. (Oxfam….Alan Titchmarsh “Supergardener” Hardback. Original price £16.99...Oxfam price….wait for it…..£2.50)
    I’ll be keeping this one, as it is quite good.
  • For my birthday in August one of my daughters gave me the RHS "
    Treasury of Flowers". If I had to endure all the horrors of leaving my garden this book would either make me turn round and go back home or help me through it. It is quite beautiful.
  • Can anybody advise me....I have been growing bell peppers in the greenhouse, some of which have small holes in them. There is no obvious sign of anything that could be making these holes, I have not been able to find any info via books but the peppers are spoilt both in appearance and texture. Help!!
  • Thanks for the tips! There are also some great books here as well as just about anything that would strike joy into a gardeners does for ME (to my family if ya see this...hint hint!)
  • Poetry - you celebrate the poetry of William topaz MGonagall in the October issue, and Now I remember Terry Pratchet's Wee Free Men and their piper, or Gonagle, who uses poetry as a battle weapon.
    Ah yes!
  • reading these books on holiday would just make me want to return home to start gardening again!
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