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Talkback: Common daisy

I never consider daisies to be a problem.
In fact I love the fact that they are wild and have a meadow-like quality. And I have fond childhood memories of making daisy chains with my gran.


  • Glad someone else likes daisies. I like to see them in a lawn, oh that we could keep them, and kill dandelions!
  • I found this site because I wonder if one can have a daisy lawn without grass. Infrequent cuting, great wildlife and beautiful. Where's the catch?
    If one doesn't treat grass as precious, what's the problem with daisies (and dandelions)? I think I'm missing something. Am I?
  • Daisies (Bellis perennis) are fantastic wild plants. They are also called Woundwort or Bruisewort. Daisies have long been used in domestic herbal medicine including, unsurprisingly, as a cure for fresh wounds and bruises. They are also edible. Use the buds, white petals and lemony flavoured leaves in salads. Beautiful.

    Please don't encourage people to put weedkiller all over these useful plants! A lawn consisting of useful plants is stronger and healthier. Better for us and the planet!
  • MernaMerna Posts: 1
    I agree with Amanda, our wild plants are beautiful we should cherish them. This year the dandelions made as lovely a show as daffodils along the fringes of the motor ways, yet we despise them as weeds. Who was it said a weed is a plant in the wrong place!
  • I just bought common daisy seeds for my lawn from as it is time consuming transplanting the daisies to new areas suffering from grass monoculture syndrome.
  • I think the commom daisy looks lovely in lawn, I'm not a big grass fan hate cutting it, so the daisy makes it look more natural and an excuse to leave it longer before cutting, dont mind buttercups or clover either.

  • What!? I love having daisies in my lawn. I don't consider them to be a weed at all. It's encouraging that the consensus is to save the daisy. Please delete this info or at least acknowledge that there are those who love having them around.
  • LorneLorne Posts: 3

    Love 'em myself. Why get rid of these pretty little flowers that God has so graciously sprinked in our lawns?

  • higgy50higgy50 Posts: 184

    Ah! I can't believe that weed killer is being recommended for the common daisy that is a travesty!

    They are a valuable little plant in my humble opinion and I let them grow alongside plants in the lawn that offer a nectar source for pollinators, such as clover and selfheal. I purposefully let all these grow at times of year when there's not so many other pollinating plants around. They also add interest to a lawn I always think...

    If they become a problem just mow them down surely!?

    They are stunning little flowers when you look at them close up...




    I say let the daisy live!!!! image




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