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Tip's and trick's of the trade.


The aim of this thread that i have opened is aimed to help other gardener's to progress with their skill's,to achieve better standard's. It does'nt matter what it is, weather it be a growing tip on veg,plant's,food,wine making with your produce.The aim is purely to help other to get more out of their garden's.

So let's see how it goe's.




  • XX Posts: 707

    Use salt in cracks and crevices where you can't get in to remove weeds such as dandelions.  Make sure it doesn't run onto lawns though If it rains.

  • Great idea Paula,i will use that one,Cheer,s.

  • Does anyone know to prolong the life of cut flower's that actually doe's work.




  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,657
    an aspirin helps a bit
  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    Trim off the mushy bit at bottom of the stems each week after putting in the vase when you top up with fresh water. in fact change the water, not sure it works but my cut flowers seem to last longer.

    Don't let the vase dry out either. Flowers cut from the garden seem to drink more than bought one's.

  • I always plant seeds that don't like to be messed with in old toilet roll tubes and just let them rot.. Usually sweet peas and even my chillies stops the roots being disturbed.....

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    Lillies - cut them with closed buds. The one's in the shops are bought like this and last longer. Take the stamens off as soon as the flowers open to stop your table/mat or cloth from being stained.

    If cutting sunflowers for indoors, when they are past their best put them somewhere to dry out, you can save the seeds,  for the birds to eat over Winter. Unless you are in competition as to who can grow the biggest sunflower grow multi headed one's, they attract wildfile, bee's love them and the seeds can be saved for the birds.      

  • archiepemarchiepem Posts: 1,155

    10s woodbine packets  grandad used and dad for sweetpeas .. but toilet roll  centres work fine  for sweetpeas now for me

  • Plant sweetpeas in a piece of c shaped guttering to avoid disturbing the roots and then just cut a c shape out of your ground and slide them in I would also stake and train as soon as possible to avoid stunting there growth.

    Dig soil as early as possible to let the frost break it down even in annual flower beds.

    Add blood fish and bone meal to you potting compost in December, this way the fertilizer shouldn’t burn roots when you pot up plants in the spring.
    I like to line large metal plant pots with a bin liner so the pot doesn’t show signs of fertilizer/water damage so easily.
    Raise all pots up of the ground to let air in also it stops ants nesting so I’ve been told.
    I also use to use water retaining crystals to my hanging baskets but I now don’t bother as it pays to inspect the baskets on a regular basis to dead head so it always good to water at the same time with a watering can without a rose so you are watering the soil and not running water of the foliage.
    I always sit my hanging baskets on buckets, water it until it runs out the wait 20 min and then repeat every other day on the middle days spray the foliage with a sprayer I use a hand pump sprayer.


  • Diddy re cut flowers my mum always uses lemonade!!

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