how to freez onions

hi all

after picking the onions we have quit a few, so that we dont though away what gose bad, can i freez them

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    Yes, you can freeze them but, thawed, they will be mushy because of their high water content. They won't fry to crispness, for example, but they're fine added during cooking.

    Peel them, chop them. Then you have two options.

    1. Spread them out on a tray on some baking paper, put the tray into the freezer till they're frozen, then transfer them, frozen, into freezer bags. Extract as much air from the bags as possible, tie them up tightly, label them and put them in the freezer. This method avoids ending up with one big lump of frozen onions.

    2. Put the chopped onion straight into freezer bags, extract as much air as possible, tie them up tightly, etc, put them in the freezer. But they will freeze in one lump.

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    Sandra, if you have a dry cool place , onions will keep until well into new year. Just make sure they are dried off properly first.

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    And that none of them have bolted. They won't store.

  • I hang my onions in a traditional string in the garage, its dry , dark & frost free. Have a look on tinternet to find out how to make one.  I always lay my onions out to dry first - wait till the leaves are dry and brown, remove most of the roots , but leave a stump to keep onion intact. I also remove some, but not all outer skin , so there is no mud to attract damp/ mould. I found that mice like to eat onions too! A good way to keep them out of harms way is to store them in empty wire hanging baskets, I hang them from a ladder in my garage roof. I used to have an onion for everyday of the year, but recently the weather etc has meant that I run out by March and have to buy them.

  • thank you all for your advice, verry helpefull thanks

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    Or if you have any old laddered pairs of tights, you can cut them into individual legs, pop your onions inside and hang them up somewhere cool and dry.  To use them just cut a hole in the foot and take the onion out and tie a loose knot in it .... 

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  • Our first attempt to grow spring onions this year produced a mass of onions more like silverskins. I shall freeze these on a tray and throw a few into winter stews. I have unfortunately lost the seed packet - any ideas of the variety I might have grown?

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    No idea, wardclerk, but White Lisbon is an old, very popular variety:



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