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What to plant

After some ideas here.

I have cleared a bed in my garden which was full of brambles - plenty of blackberry jam and tarts this summer.  Now I am after ideas of what to put in there.

It is ~9.5m x 0.8m and faces South East (the last metre or so - south end - is slightly shaded by trees).

I was thiking of breaking the area into three sections of 3m length.

I want to do plant some raspberries - which third would be best?  Any thoughts on what other fruit would be good?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,537

    Blackcurrants or raspberries will both tolerate some shade. My biggest blackcurrant is now fairly shaded all the time from an apple, but I still got about 8 lb of blackcurrants off it this year.

     What fruit do you like.? No point planting gooseberries if you don't like them.

    I love raspberries so much I am going to plant more.  You can have different varieties to extend the season from June to October.

    It sounds ideal for pretty much any soft fruit. Or if it is backed by a fence, you could grow three fan trained friut trees on the fence and strawberries in front.

    Or a row of different cordon apples.

  • That's a good point about what we like.

    Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries (though there are loads elsewhere in the garden and locally), I love plums/damsons, kiwis and peaches.  Apples are a possibility. Unfortunately my favourite fruits are generally exotic - mango, papaya etc...

    There is a short fence (~1m height)  that runs along the back of the patch so I was thinking of putting posts and wires in.

    Thanks for the reply

  • Strawberries are easy but the fruit period is small and they are very cheap in the shops. Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries (nice varieties), Kiwi are quite expensive to buy in shops, so are worth growing in the garden.

    Fig can grow in the UK and the leaves are attractive in their own right.

    Mango and Papaya, unless you have a large heated greenhouse are not going to work in the UK.


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