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  • i was told if they dont get frosted they stay a clove but if they get frosted in the ground they become a bunch of cloves so plant them at the start of winter and pick them in july >

    This is true - garlic will just go to flowers & seed if it's planted in late spring !
  • Can anyone help with growing onions please. I buy sets - I grow organically in soil enriched with my own compost. I plant in raised beds which are slightly sloping but not shaded at all with the sun most of the day. I water when needed. However my onions rarely grow much bigger than the sets I buy!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!
  • Forgot to add - I always buy the sets from a well-known organic supplier! I plant approx 3" deep!
  • I had similar problem with my garlic as tinytunia. I planted in modules in Nov. and overwintered in mini greenhouse where temp went below freezing. Could the dry conditions this year affect their growth? Is it worth replanting them now?
  • I planted 5 garlic corms. Four formed The fifth was a group of what appeared to be corms so I have just planted those to see what happens.
  • After a year in present house, a well-established leylandii - trimmed last autumn and this spring - has dead patches. If these are cut out will the live branches fill the gap?
    No rain can reach the trunks and the roots reach the lawn. Would a water supply to the trunks improve the growth?
  • ..and my sister has just told me that she saw little boxes of golf-ball sized one-clove garlic (from China!!!) for sale in a supermarket, I'd love to know if it was a particuar variety!
  • I have just made a load of dilly beans using Alys Fowler's recipe. Great, but what happens next? How best to prepare them, cook them to eat in a few weeks' time?
  • Just about to look for garlic to plant this autumn, any suggestions of which ones to plant. they will be in a tub outside.
  • i planted garlic bulds september last. they are about 4inches high now. some have about 4 green stems, should i seperate these and replant. also i had a plant that went 2 seed, i scattered the seeds and a year later i see small plants growing. is this normal.
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