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Hello - I am new to this forum and wonder if anyone can help with my problem. We have an apple tree that produces masses of fruit but which we can't eat for two reasons. The fruit is of the very soft, juicy variety and is very quickly inedible but the main reason is WASPS! There are hundreds and hundreds of them around the tree and in the fallen apples at this time of year and it is frankly foolhardy to put your hand in the tree to pick the fruit. Consequently, it is just a huge headache.

We don't want to cut the tree down as it provides much needed shade to our conservatory. My question is - Is there an easy way to remove the blossom in the Spring so that the tree does not produce fruit? I have, in the past, tried to cut it off with secateurs but it is a laborious process and not entirely successful especially higher up the tree.

If anyone has got any helpful suggestions, I would be very grateful.



  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Hello Patrick, Your question had me laughing, I have to say, as the problem is usually the complete opposite.  I had a mental image of you cutting the blossom off and your neighbours wondering what was going on.

    Sorry, to return to the problem. Clearly, cutting the flowers off is impractical, so you really need to prevent them from being pollinated.

    Is there another apple tree nearby, that is providing a pollination service, that you could get rid of?

    Other than that, I think you will just have to pray for a hard frost at the right time.image

  • Why not give  the fruit away,if you cant donot prune and your crop will go down.

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