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Devastated Canary Creeper

Early this summer I planted a Canary Creeper plant which took off and spread about 6' + either side of the fence and was full of flowers.  Lovely.  BUT along came white butterfles and hoards of caterpillas and the poor plant is now just leafless sprigs.  Does this plant usually attact these butterflies.  If so wont plant it next year.


  • SingySingy Posts: 206

    My nasturtium is crawling with them and i believe this is fairly normal, the canary creeper is a relative of the nasturtium so probably why.

  • my nasturtiums are suffering from the loving attention of cabbage whites too - not enough other gardeners growing cabbages in Dolgarrog presumably!! maybe next year I'll grow a brassica or two solely for the CW's to lay their little eggies on! (in a quiet corner)


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