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We have a wasp trap at the end of our garden and put Coca Cola in it. However, this summer it's been full of wasps but they seem to be drinking the cola and then getting out of the 'trap', Is this a new breed of intelligent wasps and, if so, how can we stop them escaping the 'trap'?


  • Have you tried putting some rum into it and getting them drunk?

  • No! image Can't get near it at the moment. Wasps are far too lively!

  • Having trouble with wasps myself this year. Haven't been clever enough to think to build a wasp trap but i've tried all the usual stuff, you know jam jars full of sticky gooey jam with water etc, and the little b******* just fly round it and ignore it! I think they're developing some kind of super sense or intelligence, god help us!

  • You need an office full of smelly men to attract wasps, seems to work perfectly here!

  • I didn't build the trap, it's one that I bought. Basically it's a glass 'bulb' with a cork in the top and a hole in the bottom so that wasps fly in through the bottom but, supposedly, can't get out. This is the first year that it hasn't worked. image

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,440

    Less sugar in the coke? didn't they reformulate it recently.?

    try adding more sugar or treacle.

  • Mmmm - like the rum idea! image We used to put beer in it but oh doesn't drink it now. They were fussy then, preferring John Smith's to cheap beer! I had thought about putting jam in so maybe I'll try both! image

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