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potted acer

Hi Guys, new member to this forum. I have recently purchased a green acer, quite small still about 5ft tall. I have potted in a large tub, given it the recommended mix of composts etc. I have drilled a dozen drainage holes in the pot. However the leaves are turning brown and dying. The soil feels quite moist, is it too wet? too dry, do I need bigger drainage holes? any help would be gratefuuly received.





  • KezzaKezza Posts: 90

    Hi Our Gertie

    Is it in the sun / wind ?  might be sun / wind burn ?  I lost a lot of leaves from an acer years ago from the wind burn image then it died in a very harsh winter (NE Scotland)


    Have a new acer now, just a tiddly one at 2 foot tall, but it is coming along nicely - it's in a very sheltered spot standing in front of a large laurel hedgeimage

  • Hi Kezza

    It has been in the wind but not really had any of note, perhaps the sun is a more likely problem? not been especially hot though It isn't too exposed in it's current spot and not reallly an option to move, maybe I could offer it some more protection via the nearby trellis

  • SingySingy Posts: 206

    Why is in a pot if you cant move it?

  • It's on the new decking area, there is no alternative place to put it, do you think this would work better in the ground? thanks

  • SingySingy Posts: 206

    No i wasnt saying that,i just wondered why you couldnt move it.  I have 3 acers in pots (very small at the moment) mine are also on decking but i move them around, i had a similar problem with leaves shriveling and dying on my red acer, so i just moved it,its slightly more sheltered from the wind now and in dappled shade.

    The other acers dont have an issue so far with direct sun and the breeze, they are different types, pink and green and green and white respectively.

  • thanks Singy, my little japanese acer has flourished in apot for years, this greeen acer is much bigger, sounds like I might need to think about an alternative site (not sure where) it'll be a shame becuz we bought it specifically for that spot and it looks great (apart from the leaves!)

  • My acers have also suffered with leaf burn this year. Even my more mature acer which I have had for about 8 years was affected. That acer was not re-potted so I do believe that the culprit is the propper summer sun that we got this year.

  • thanks all, do we think they will recover naturally? or are there any tips to help it on it's way?

  • Hi Gertie, my maroon leaved acer (about 4' tall) sits in a tub at the front door. It's south facing & gets baked, the soil dries out & it gets a bit of wind. I think it's just starting to get it's 3rd set of leaves this year due to incorrect position & neglect image.

    Unfortunately I think it's the only place for it - anywhere else would be too windy. I must have had it for about 5 years.

    Hope yours makes it!

  • SingySingy Posts: 206

    It should recover naturally, mine throws out new leaves so appears to be ok.

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