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I bought three miniature fruit trees about three years ago.  Followed the recommended procedure for planting etc.  The Braeburn apple tree has been most productive, flowering every year and producing fruit although the first two years the rooks picked them all before they could develop.  For some reason this year they left them alone and I have 30/40 apples.  I 'know' the twist test tells you when to harvest each individual fruit but if taken too early will the fruit get any sweeter during storage?

The Conference pear tree has produced some flowers but never set fruit and the Victoria plum has never produced flowers.  They are all in the same full sun, soil - clay, but reasonably drained and heavily mulched every year.  Any ideas why no fruit or suggestions to change it? 



  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Is there a reason why you don't want to let the fruit ripen on the apple tree? If it's the birds,could you not put a net over it? It seems a shame to take them off too early. Like fruit that you buy in a supermarket that has been picked young and green, they won't be as good if you remove them before they are ripe. Some apples don't store well anyway, ripe or unripe, but the chances arethey will go over before their time if picked too green.

    The pear tree needs a pollinator to set properly. Is there another pear tree nearby?

    The Victoria plum is always a bit of a slowcoach in my experience. Give it another couple of years to settle down.

  • bobloesbobloes Posts: 124

    Thanks Waterbutts for the reply.  The fruit skin seems to be getting marked with spots and dark patches so I thought it might be something which would worsen if the fruit was left.

    The trees were sold as self pollinating (at least that is what I remember) if not why sell as singletons.

    I shall be patient re the plum.


    Thanks again.  Bob

  • I bought the same trees this year the braeburn started buding got a couple of leaves on then they died an ive had no leaves on it all summer. the pear an plum got some leaves an one flowered really early but thats it no sign of any fruit at all please can someone tell me what going on 

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