unknown plant

can someone please tell me the name of this plant plrase 




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    looks like a geum darren, or maybe one of the herbaceous potentillas

  • ok well thank you my neighbour said it could be a geum so geum it must be image are these nice plants and do you know whether they will suit with heuchera purple palce as trying to make a herbaceus bed i ordered some perenials a while back from van meuwen bit dispointed with the service as no plants were tagged apart from the lavender which were apparantly poppys and plants were so small max 1cm and several died so now i have some plants i havent got a clue what they are but some appear to be going leggy anyways 

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,050


    there's some photos on the link. They're not ny favourite plants but It may be that it's too dry for them here so they aren't at their best

  • With any of your plants if you are not ready to plant them out don't let them die. Plant them into a bit bigger pot and give them a feed, try and help them bulk up and even if you do not know what it is, think of the excitement of waiting for it to flower next year.I have taken tiny shoots of plants I could not identify and potted them on and been rewarded for my effort. I once bought a job lot of tiny dying unlabelled plants from a garden centre one springtime, some of which my Son- in- Law stated were weeds.I took them back to The Shetland Isles in Scotland where I lived"A very cold place" and grew them on.One of these plants I loved when I saw it grow,and when I looked it up it turned out to be a "Meadow Rue".I brought it back to England with me when I moved and I love seeing it come up every year. You could space your plants out in a corner of your garden and next year move them to the appropriate place when they have grown and you can identify them.

  • I got a few geums from a t&m offer a couple of years ago, they were tiny when I got them...........size of  a finger nail. It's been their first year in the garden, can't say that I was that impressed but will leave them be for now, it might be what others suggest that they get better in time?

    The ones I planted in a sunny spot have given me a few flowers, the ones in a partial shade spot, no flowers but a lot of healthy growth


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