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Talkback: Growing garlic

Gardening on the Edge. What was the piece of classical music used during the Lamorran House feature? It's not listed on the website. Please... does anybody know?


  • The garlic i grew this year came out better than last summer.
  • i allways let my garlic be frosted becose i was told that if you dont let it get frosted it stays a clove but if it gets frosted it will become a bunch of garlic and it done that this year for me i got 39 bunches out forty two cloves thats not bad is it joey northwood kirky allotments liverpool
  • Grew Garlic this year for the first time as there is competition in my small garden with the flowers so grew it among my flowers - had wonderful harvest. Well pleased with the result.
  • last year we grew garlic,couldn't stop laughing when the harvest produced minute perfect bulbs, just about the size of a small finger nail. this year we have managed the one that looks like an over sized spring onion but rather delish, maybe next year we will get it right.good at most every thing else.
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