Cleome's how to look after them in winter?

Hi, I'm fairly new to all this but just wanted to know how to keep Cleome plants from dying over winter? I think Cleome's are half hardy annuals, so does that mean they won't tolerate frosts over winter so shld be kept inside? Will they def come back next year if kept away from extreme cold?

Also, is this the same for fuscia's?


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    Any annual will die at the end of its first year. It flowers, may set seed, and dies.

     half hardy annuals will not tolerate frost at either end of the growing season.

    Fuchsias are  tenderish perennials that are overwintered in a frost free place, and you can take cuttings to increase the stock.

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  • Hello, I've grown Cleomes for the first year here, I'm growing them as annuals and not giving them any winter protection, I do think they would be difficult to overwinter. I don't think that they will cope with cold temps.

    You can get some hardy fuscias that will survive the Winter, but it does depend on what type you've got. I've got a few that are hardy and will survive the Winter here but others have perished

  • Thank you for your replies, i guess it's goodbye to my cleome then, what a shame - but will definitely get one again next year!!

  • I'll be growing them again next year as well

    I've been cutting off the spent flowers just to see if they will grow some moreimage

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    Just to clarify, cleomes are half hardy annuals from South America so they germinate, gorw, flower and set seed in one growing season. 

    Their seed needs to be sown under cover in spring and then you can plant them out after all frosts have passed in May or June, depending on where you garden.   They will flower until the first frosts which may be October or November, again depending on where you are.   The frosts will turn them brown and kill them but yu should be able to collect seed from ripe seed pods before the frosts.

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  • Just what I needed to know.  Have grown them for the first time this year and they have put on an excellent show - some in the wrong place as I have been surprised by their height.  Shall try to collect the seeds.

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