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red spider mite

Hi all

Any ideas on how to control red spider mite in  a conservatory?

Only on ornamentals. Datura, Hibiscus and Bouganvillia.

Many thanks



  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    The easiest thing to do is put the plants outside for the summer. The predators can get at them then. Spraying anything on them in the conservatory would undoubtably scorch the leaves and affect the flowers because of the heat.

    Wait for a rainy day. It will freshen them up too. image

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  • Thanks all.

    I have been misting every morning and evening, but this doesn't seem to help much.

    The parasitic mite seems about the best idea, but temperatures are dropping and they seem to need it to be hot.

    Will try outside.

  • Hi all i had trouble with red spider mite on my angles trumpet when i moved it into the conservatory. Having kept chickens in the past  i had some DIATOMACEOUS EARTH left over which i used on the birds and housing with great sucess. I wondered if it would work on plants, it did with great results. I moved the plant outside and blasted it with the hose pipe then painted  and flicked the dry powder  all over the wet plant with a dry paint brush. It will look a bit messy at first but 3 weeks on and still clear. After looking on line some companies sell the same stuff in small packets but its very expensive. Have a look on ebay or some pet shops and country stores for red spider mite treatment diatomaceous earth and the best bit it`s 100% organic hope this helps image.

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