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  • I had loads of flowers on my runner beans but now most of them have been cut clean off, is it birds or slugs, help please.
  • we have always had an infestation of flys in our garden and wondered why? we first thought something had died, thankfully that wasnt the case. how do I get rid of them, I have fly traps all over the back of my garden to attract them away from the house, this works a little and would like to know if certain plants have attracted them?
  • Anyone help with advice on Aubergines?
    Flowers have started dropping off, with Stem attached.
    This is my first try at Aubergine,so totally at a loss what to do.
  • I have a small patio gaeden full of tubs and planters.How to I deter squirrels from digging up my bulbs? I can not put wire in them as there are perenials and small trees in some.
  • I have just noticed something which could either be a fungus or an insect web on my conifer hedge. There are multiple patches on the hedge - which was last cut in November. It looks slightly purplish in colour and I can't see any insects. It COULD be a fungus because it has that slightly angular weblike appearance and its structure is quite 'open'. I haver never seen anything like this before and as it is already appearing in lots of places along the hedge which stretches the full length of my garden I'm worried that it will affect the trees. My neighbour (who owns the hedge) keeps it trimmed and so do we so it is usually in fairly good condition but it has been extremely hot and dry in the east lately so this may be a factor.
  • Hi, my name is neil williams, i have invented a new type of garden fence post "FACE POST " i have sent numerous e-mails to gardeners world in the past, all to no avail !! i would be gratefull if you could please look at the video of the working protoype of FACE POST, on you tube just enter " fence post da movie " and please give me your honest and professional oppinion. If you could send me a e-mail address to reply to i could then send you letters and design pictures of FACE POST, ( a new concept in garden fence posts ).

    kind regards- neil
  • I've always grown tomatoes without many problems but quite suddenly they/re covered in brown patches and shrivelling up.Please help someone !
  • My green acer has developed a black line that is gradually widening and creeping up the trunk.I scraped the trunk below the line and its brown. today the leaves have all turned brown and curled under. We moved it to our new house and planted it last Autumn. Can anybody help
  • Aaaarrrggh
    How do get rid of millipedes from veg plot. The are devastating my crop of vegetables. What can I do to get rid of them... Naturally or chemically???? Please help.
  • I have a clear sticky substance ouzing from my paeonia flower buds, what is causing this and how can I deal with it please?
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