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  • Brian-uk - Pardon the typo! I meant white of course! Also, garden centre chap said that the leaves may fall off the plant after using the insecticide but not to worry as they would grow back. Have had some leaf loss but not a lot. Will check future typing before I submit. Apologies for any offence.
  • Doodi - I would also like to hear of a solution to hollyhock rust. The plant is very sturdy and has lots of buds but the leaves are dereadful.
  • Lyn - I also found neat cocoons made of leaves under the soil of my salad seedlings in the greenhouse. I wonder what they are? My seedlings all died off. The centre of the cocoon was full of smelly goo.
  • our front lawn is full of moss and weeds and the soil is mostly clay we wish to try and make it look good for next year as our daughter is getting married and wish to photos in the garden before she leaves can you tell us the best way to get it looking lush and green
  • hi i live on east coast we have had thousands of little black flying beetles they are all over the plants and destroyin them anyone know what they are and how to get rid of pls
  • Nearly all Hollyhocks get rust. It is totally harmless, just a bit unsightly. The rust "spores lay dormant in the plant over winter, and so the only way to control it is by growing new plants every year or two. That is why they are classed as "Biennials"( grow one year and flower the next). You can grow your own successfully from seed taken from existing plants in your garden, or buy seed from a reputable firm.
  • my runner beans have so many black fly anyone can help me
  • could someone tell me what has nested in my log nest,it looks like a small bee and is also carrying a cut out piece of leaf into the hole on the log,
    2 of the hole have also got a leaf covering the holes,so something is in there,i've only had it hanging in the garden for 2 weeks and i have just noticed today something flying into it,hence i then noticed the other side had been occupied.
  • Hello, I'm new to greenhouse gardening and all well so far, except a few of my Lavender plants grown from seed are going green on the top of the compost. Am I watering too much? I do find it difficult to gauge watering. Any help gratefully received.
  • How do you avert Birds from attacking the red pods on the beans. They seem to
    get moisture I am told from the pods.

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